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The Rev. Larry Buxton, Leadership & Preaching Coaching

Are you …
• Tired of ongoing conflict in your church? 
• Caught in a firestorm you can’t control?
• Stuck in thinking there’s nothing you can do?

Coaching Clergy in Leadership (CCIL) can help you find confidence, clarity, and sanity.  

     CCIL uses the Resilient Leadership© model of coaching, based on the family systems work of Murray Bowen and Ed Friedman, and adapted by Bob Duggan and Jim Moyer.
     Systems-based leadership believes that you can lower your stress and promote change in your organization.           
     Through individual and group coaching, you can develop a less-anxious presence, maintain relationships with key persons, and define your beliefs humbly and firmly.  You’ll sleep better – and lead better!


Do you ever hear…
• Pastor, didn’t you take ‘Preaching’ in seminary?
• I’m just not getting fed from your sermons.
• We need to look for a better preacher!

Coaching Clergy in Preaching (CCIP) can help you find your unique & powerful voice!

     CCIP believes that an effective sermon has clear focus and purpose; easy-to-follow organization; relaxed and confident delivery; and a compelling statement of Good News visible in Jesus Christ.                
     Reading books, talking notes and using good stories don’t in themselves produce good preaching.  Coaching will help you preach stronger sermons in your own unique style. Individual and group encouragement and feedback help you emphasize your strengths.

I have
• 41 years' experience as ordained clergy
• 3 professional coaching certifications 
• 8 yrs as Founder & Dean, Goodson Academy of Preaching
• 8 yrs as Preaching professor, NE Jurisdiction Course of Study

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Blessings in your ministry.

The Rev. Dr. Lawrence W. Buxton, ACC, BCC
Certified Coach
Telephone: (571) 225-1668
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