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United Methodist agencies: 2018 was productive year
The denomination’s agencies also share priorities for 2019.
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 10:29:00 AM

United Methodism grows in remote border town
Sierra Leone congregation celebrates five years of ministry, looks to future with new high school, girls’ boarding home and church building.
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 10:19:35 AM

Raising indigenous voices through DC march
Delegation from United Methodist Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference among those calling attention to issues facing indigenous communities.
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 3:47:28 PM

38 United Methodists serve in 116th Congress
United Methodists comprise the fourth-largest religious group in a new Congress that has fewer Christians and slightly more religious diversity.
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 1:32:34 PM

Nyadire students share benefits of fish project
United Methodist primary school’s fish-breeding program pays off for students, community in Zimbabwe.
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 12:01:00 PM

Judith Craig, pioneering woman bishop, dies at 81
Bishop Judith Craig, the third woman elected as a United Methodist bishop, died Jan. 18 at 81 in Columbus, Ohio.
Friday, January 18, 2019 4:35:06 PM

Commentary: 3 realities facing GC2019
Families’ love for one another helps transcend disagreements. Andrew Ponder Williams feels our United Methodist family needs some work.
Friday, January 18, 2019 3:25:00 PM

Furloughed government workers turn to the church
United Methodists are stepping up to assist furloughed government workers with hot meals, groceries and counseling.
Friday, January 18, 2019 1:26:04 PM

Agriculture a ‘game changer’ for church in Africa
The church has the potential of becoming self-sustaining if it develops its vast land into viable commercial enterprises, said Sierra Leone Bishop John K. Yambasu.
Thursday, January 17, 2019 11:36:48 AM

Church urges civility after Congo election
The United Methodist Church continues its efforts to promote peace as the Congo awaits a final decision in the presidential election.
Thursday, January 17, 2019 11:03:33 AM

Young underprivileged women gain hope in Malawi
Malawi Conference training focuses on education, gender-based violence, dating and courtship, and spirituality.
Thursday, January 17, 2019 10:52:16 AM

Seeing a Way Forward: The Rev. Maxie Dunnam
The Rev. Maxie Dunnam, president emeritus of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, submitted the Modified Traditional Plan to be considered by the 2019 special General Conference.
Thursday, January 17, 2019 10:05:00 AM


Wednesday, January 16, 2019 3:53:10 PM

Updated: Zimbabwe faces violence, record fuel prices
United Methodists are calling for prayers for peace after protests, sparked by soaring fuel prices, led to a government crackdown and blocked internet.
Wednesday, January 16, 2019 2:58:47 PM

Simple Plan supporters talk strategy
Supporters discuss how legislation that would eliminate all restrictions related to homosexuality could be part of General Conference consideration.
Tuesday, January 15, 2019 12:52:51 PM

Native American clergywoman took justice to heart
The Rev. Cynthia Abrams is being remembered as a committed, compassionate leader who found her voice through The United Methodist Church.
Monday, January 14, 2019 5:17:46 PM

Youth joyfully lead at Tongan United Methodist church
Young people have great influence over the life of a Tongan congregation in Utah.
Monday, January 14, 2019 12:09:00 PM

Deciding what budget cuts mean for ministry
United Methodist general agencies are looking at how they can tighten their belts as they face plans to cut the general church budget by more than 20 percent.
Monday, January 14, 2019 10:25:18 AM

Panel clarifies options for special General Conference
Reference committee meets to decide which petitions are ‘in harmony’ for legislative gathering to address unity amid conflict over homosexuality.
Sunday, January 13, 2019 3:28:34 PM

Prayer at Virginia legislature written by woman in sanctuary
Guatemalan woman takes refuge in Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Friday, January 11, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Cattle dip tank revitalizes village
Funded by the Chabadza partnership between The United Methodist Church in Norway and Zimbabwe, the dip tank has brought hope to villagers whose cattle were previously wiped out by tick-borne diseases.
Friday, January 11, 2019 11:44:00 AM

Commentary: Pastor urges GC2019 delegates to 'be open'
The Rev. Sean C. Turner, pastor of Hill’s Chapel United Methodist Church, near Charlotte, North Carolina, urges delegates who will attend the special General Conference in February to keep their hearts and minds open and tuned into the spirit of Christ.
Friday, January 11, 2019 11:32:56 AM

Commentary: The best scenario for the Korean church
Adding a graceful exit clause to the Book of Discipline would be the best way to keep the denomination together, one of the leaders of a Korean American pastors' group writes.
Thursday, January 10, 2019 1:10:15 PM

Seeing a Way Forward: Bishop Jones
As we head toward special General Conference 2019, UM News is highlighting church leaders’ perspectives on where we are as a denomination. This series continues with Texas Conference Bishop Scott Jones.
Thursday, January 10, 2019 11:03:54 AM

Commentary: Taking a fresh look at the Connectional Conference Plan
A plan that offers rich, robust and challenging ideas should not be simply dismissed as too complicated, one bishop writes.
Wednesday, January 09, 2019 2:55:26 PM

Church helps with prison food shortage
The United Methodist Church’s St. John’s Circuit in Zimbabwe donates $14,000 worth of food and other supplies as prisons struggle to feed inmates amid country’s economic crisis.
Wednesday, January 09, 2019 12:00:00 PM

Seeing a Way Forward: The Rev. Kennetha Bigham-Tsai
There is great anxiety as the special 2019 General Conference approaches, but the Rev. Kennetha Bigham-Tsai, chief connectional ministries officer for the Connectional Table, wants to remind all United Methodists that once the conference ends, God will still be calling them to mission in the world.
Wednesday, January 09, 2019 11:05:37 AM

Utah church welcomes homeless, loves diversity
Small church with big heart supports missions at home and around the world.
Tuesday, January 08, 2019 11:08:14 AM

Historic organ sets tone for Utah church
Pipe organ restored with pennies, large cash donations and love from community
Tuesday, January 08, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Monday, January 07, 2019 1:36:54 PM

Bo hospital reaches out to Sierra Leone's poorest
United Methodist Mercy Hospital's outreach program targets remote communities where health care availability and ability to pay are a challenge.
Monday, January 07, 2019 12:44:39 PM

Commentary: 'Cooperation without compromise' in a conflicted church
A retired Naval chaplain argues that just as military chaplains must know their ethical boundaries, so must United Methodists.
Monday, January 07, 2019 11:55:56 AM

Pacific Islanders focus on divide over sexuality
A December gathering at Claremont School of Theology featured a serious conversation on the church's division over human sexuality issues.
Friday, January 04, 2019 1:02:27 PM

Unity struggle is major story of 2018
Commission on a Way Forward wraps up and The United Methodist Church prepares for momentous special meeting.
Friday, January 04, 2019 12:33:55 PM

Church helps fight ageism in Zimbabwe
The United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe is making senior citizens a priority through several health initiatives across the country.
Friday, January 04, 2019 12:23:28 PM

LGBTQ churchgoers wary of bishops' letter
The Council of Bishops addressed the global LGBTQ community. But the letter disappointed a number of its intended readers.
Thursday, January 03, 2019 3:50:49 PM

Bishop Oden, ecumenical leader, dies at 83
He led two annual conferences, served as Council of Bishops president and helped strengthen United Methodist ties with the Episcopal Church.
Thursday, January 03, 2019 1:44:40 PM

Water for Life project expands to Guinea
The United Methodist Church in Liberia plans to build at least five water wells in the country in areas where the church has a growing presence.
Thursday, January 03, 2019 11:57:54 AM

Bishop Chamness, calm leader, dead at 78
The rare United Methodist bishop to serve in two U.S. jurisdictions, he also helped guide the denomination’s pension agency through some big decisions.
Wednesday, January 02, 2019 4:02:57 PM

United Methodists fight human trafficking
Zimbabwe East Conference leaders ask congregations to raise awareness and offer counseling and rehabilitation for survivors.
Wednesday, January 02, 2019 12:34:34 PM

Unidos sirvamos a Deus com amor ao proximo

Friday, December 28, 2018 1:06:06 PM

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018 12:16:59 PM

Agencies open ministry center in Philippines
The United Methodist Board of Global Ministries and United Methodist Communications are strengthening their presence in Southeast Asia with new office in Manila.
Thursday, December 20, 2018 5:16:59 PM

2018: Remembering influential Christians
This year, United Methodists marked the deaths of multiple trailblazing women, a Holocaust survivor and a world-changing evangelist who transcended denominational lines.
Thursday, December 20, 2018 2:16:00 PM


Thursday, December 20, 2018 2:03:36 PM

Commentary: In service of God, men and women are equal
"God blessed both man and woman and charged them both to have dominion over the earth," writes the Rev. Eunice Iliya.
Thursday, December 20, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Prison ministry makes Christmas brighter for inmates
Church members bring gifts, hope to women and juveniles incarcerated in Sierra Leone.
Thursday, December 20, 2018 9:51:32 AM

Churches learn to love migrants as family
Methodist churches in Mexico find offering food and compassion to migrants is transformative, pastors say
Thursday, December 20, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Commentary: Mary, Peter and the Church
What are the roles of women and men in the life of the church, and are they equal? To answer that question, the Rev. Paul T. Stallsworth looks at the Church of Mary and the Church of Peter.
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 11:59:00 AM

Christmas story crosses all borders
Children enjoy a Christmas party at shelter for migrants, and the Las Posadas tradition demonstrates border walls cannot contain the story of Christ's birth.
Wednesday, December 19, 2018 11:37:00 AM


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