Planning an UMVIM Trip

Virginia Conference Volunteer in Mission Policies (pdf)

United Methodist Volunteer In Mission (UMVIM) team leaders are always needed to lead teams to Brazil or Mozambique. Our Conference connection is greatly strengthened when relationships are built on a foundation of “Christian Love In Action.”

There are several requirements to lead a Virginia Conference Initiatives of Hope UMVIM team. The team leader must:
• Have been on a previous UMVIM team to Brazil or Mozambique;
• Have attended a Conference UMVIM Team Leader Training event; and
• Have the approval of the Conference Initiatives of Hope Committee.

Once these guidelines have been met, here’s how to proceed to put together an Initiatives of Hope UMVIM team:

1. Contact the Virginia Conference IOH coordinator for either Mozambique or Brazil. (For Brazil, contact Dot Ivey, (804) 897-4060 or For Mozambique, contact Jay Hanke, (540) 450-8138 or

2. Discuss the range of projects for UMVIM team participation. Available projects will be those requested by the Mozambique Annual Conference or the Methodist Church of Brazil.

3. Commit to a project.

4. With the coordinator, discuss/decide the key elements of the mission:
   a. Dates
   b. Cost of the project
   c. Type of transportation needed and its total cost (including petrol, driver and driver accommodation)
   d. Any fees charged by the Church for UMVIM teams
   e. How to handle project money
   f. Accommodations and cost
   g. Interpreters needed and cost
   h. Recreation possibilities and cost

5. Knowing the above information, put together a budget for the team, including airfare, ground transportation, accommodations and food, visa, etc.; decide on the per person cost.

6. Establish team orientation dates (there should be at least two, and preferably three or four), times that the team meets for prayer, fellowship, and all the trip details.

7. Recruit team members, advertising the project work, trip dates, cost, and dates for orientation (a requirement for team membership is attendance at all team meetings).

8. Keep the Conference coordinator informed.

9. Use the UMVIM Team Leader Handbook for guidelines and details of how to plan, organize and effectively lead an UMVIM team (available at This is an essential resource for the team leader.

10. When the team returns from the mission, provide a brief report to the Virginia Conference IOH coordinator for the country visited.

- Contributed by Kip Robinson


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