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Homie R. Clark, 1908-1986

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Miss Homie Romaine Clark came home to Virginia for her next to last appointment in 1964 to serve in Bath County near her birthplace. The daughter of Alfred and Sally Nicely, she was born in Lexington, Virginia, November 17, 1908. As a young woman she moved to Michigan where she attended a business school and worked as a secretary. She felt called to serve her church. Pur suant to that call, she attended the Cincinnati (Ohio) Missionary Training School and was commissioned deaconess in 1936 in the Methodist Episcopal Church. Later, while working, she received a Bachelor of Sacred Literature degree (1946) at Chicago.

She served the church for 44 years at various places. Upon her retirement she returned home to be near her family. She is survived by a sister, Mrs. Elzie Leffel and a brother, Curtis Clark of Collierstown, Virginia. In her retirement Miss Homie was called on to supply pulpits in local Methodist and Presbyterian churches and also to teach Weekday Religious Education in public schools. Her last few months were spent in the Roanoke United Methodist Home where she died suddenly October 4, 1986. She was buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery at Collierstown.

"Miss Homie" -- as she was lovingly called -- was loved and appreciated on the Bath Larger Parish where she served from 1964 to 1973. In her work in the parish she supplied pulpits, taught Bible classes, trained workers and helped the churches to meet a variety of social needs. In her youth work she became the inspiration for a successful appeal to the Virginia conference for a collection of "Green Stamps" (in those days many stores gave "green stamps" as dividends on purchases). As a result, an enormous amount of "Green Stamps" were collected -- enough to buy a bus for Miss Homie -- "Homie's Bus." It was labeled and served the parish enabling the youth and older people alike to "go places" and "see things." A wider world unfolded for them all.

When her eyesight was seriously affected and hampered her ministry in a rural area she found a different type of work available and the Deaconess Board transferred her to Cincinnati from which she retired in 1978. A serious heart attack caused her to cease housekeeping and, in August 1985, she moved to the Roanoke United Methodist Home where she died. Miss Homie rendered a dedicated, faithful ministry to her church and to our conference.

-- Alpheus W. Potts  



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