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Price Norman Moore, 1904-1988

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Price N. Moore was born October I, 1904 in Marlinton, West Virginia, the son of the late William Nelson and Elsie Moore, his minister father a circuit rider from Oregon. Price Moore received his call to preach as a young man hoeing potatoes on a West Virginia mountainside.

Geraldine McLaughlin, whose mother had taught him in school, speaks of the long ago, when he was a boy. "I feel that he was a person God had His hand upon from the time he was a very young boy. As a student in high school, he would speak at church services and always he would help with young peoples' meetings. I shall always remember his love for children and the deep friendship that existed between our two families."

After his "call to preach," young Price Moore returned to work his way through Hillsboro High School, and then, upon the advice of his local pastor, worked his way for a year at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

He married Miss Elizabeth Simmons in Cattelsburg, Ky. on June 15, 1942. She writes, "God has given us 45 years of supreme happiness. Price has been such a thoughtful and loving husband."

To this union a son, Charles Norman Moore, was born, December 8, 1947 at Winona Lake, Indiana. Charles is now the pastor at Cedar Run United Methodist Church, Catlett, Virginia, with his wife Sandra Nicely and sons: Jeremy, 12; Jason, 9; Justin, 7;  and Joshua, 5.

Charles writes of his father: "I am thankful for the spiritual witness, the testimony, love, friendship and fellowship of my father. Through him, God has revealed to me what a caring father and minister actually is. My Dad was a man who actually lived what he preached. With God helping me, I will continue in the path of Christian ministry set before me by my grandfather, William Nelson Moore, and my own dear Dad, Price Norman Moore."

Price Moore was licensed to preach in 1936 at Granbery Church, Covington. He became a full-time pastor soon after his marriage in 1942. After further schooling (1945-49), he was ordained a deacon in 1955 and elder in 1957. His Virginia conference appointments were: Bath Charge, 1942; West Hanover, 1944; Highland Charge, 1949; Halifax with Union Church becoming a station, 1954; Colonial Beach, 1958; Rock Spring, 1959; Natural Bridge, 1963; Selma, 1964; and retirement in 1970 with one year interim service at Mt. Carmel, Covington.

Wallace Solomon at Halifax writes: "He came to us in June, 1954 and our four churches grew until two years later he helped develop Union Church as a station appointment. We remember him as a happy person, reflecting in his face the joy as his eyes would always sparkle. We remember him as a quiet person. There never was a misunderstanding or a disturbance of any kind throughout his entire ministry. We remember him as a busy person, a tireless man forever caring for the sick and needy and he was, for us, 'Mr. Preacher -seven days of every week.' We describe him as a grateful person, ever praising God with a song in his heart. We describe him best with the word sincerity."

Jim Meredith, his former pastor, describes Price Moore as a "builder." "As with Jesus, he was ever a carpenter, with his tools at hand to get the job done. There might not have been a Selma Church today, except for the careful and constructive work of this faithful 'building' pastor. In the construction of the new sanctuary, he helped me at every turn in the road."

Robert Chapman, his pastor at the time of his death, has described Price Moore's character and spirit as that of "evangelism." " He believed God had called him to proclaim and carry the torch of salvation to people everywhere, more especially those without church affiliation. He was a talented clockmaker, and a careful gardener who could sow the seeds, construct the programs, and then gather the fruitful harvest for Jesus Christ."

Dora McCaleb has said, "I remember Rev. Moore as a preacher whose consuming desire was to lead others to know Jesus as their personal Savior. He never gave up; he was never discouraged; he always presented Christ as the ultimate victory in all of life.

"As you know, Rev. Moore was a devoted family man. His love and respect for his beloved wife, Elizabeth, was quite evident to all, and it was an example for other husbands to emulate. His great love and pride for his son, Charles, was a joy to behold."

This beloved servant of Christ was active in ministry to the very end of his 83 years. Following several weeks of infections, he suddenly fell and was gone, February 2, 1988. His funeral service was held at Epworth United Methodist Church, Selma, Virginia on Friday, February 5, 1988 at 2:00 p.m. with the Rev. William C. Logan, his district superintendent, and the Rev. Robert Chapman, his pastor, officiating. Interment was at Cedar Hill Cemetery, Covington, Virginia.

The words that best represent Price Norman Moore are: -He told me about Christ! -He brought Christ to me! -He led me to accept Christ!

-John Wynn Myers



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