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Henry Marion Andrews, 1930-1995

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The Lord, in His infinite wisdom and love, enables the paths of our lives to cross the paths of some very special people. Once the paths have crossed, we begin to walk along together and our lives are forever touched and enriched.

The Rev. Henry Andrews was one of those special people. Henry lived his life for the Lord and he wanted you to do the same. If your path ever crossed his, you knew this.

Henry was firm and steadfast in his faith. He knew the Word of God. He preached the Word of God. He lived by the Word of God.

He was not at all concerned that his message might offend you. In fact, he would give you the choice to leave through any of the doors in the church building. He was there to preach the Word and you were there to receive it.

His message was unaffected by world views. While many are willing to deviate from Scripture and accept the changed ways of the world, Henry refused to do so.

Henry would be described by many as a "good ole boy." Why? Henry met you where you lived. He did not present himself in the way most believe a typical pastor should be. He was very much at home in his blue jeans. He knew that God looks not at outward appearances, but at the heart. He also knew that people’s perception of a pastor limited him. Thus, he did as the apostle Paul would have done. He became like those around him so that he might win souls.

Only God knows the number of lives that have been touched by Henry. Surely, Henry did not realize the impact he had on so many lives. His witness for the Lord was so natural. You had only to see Henry’s smile to know that there was something different about him. His words followed his smile and then you knew he loved the Lord.

Henry was a friend and fellow servant of the Lord.

— Rhonda F. Allbeck



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