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William Ernest Pollard, 1911-2002

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  This word, more than any other, sums up my father’s life. Daddy was all about love. About love in all of its many meanings.

  Love of family. He loved my mother. They were married for 64 years (she always referred to him as "Husband #1"). He loved his parents and his brothers and all his extended family, so many of whom lived and live right here in Hanover County. He loved his grandchildren and his great-grandson. He loved his sisters-in-law, his nieces and nephews, and their families. He loved his daughter-in-law as a daughter. And Emory and I never doubted his love for his children.

  Love of music. Daddy taught us to enjoy the classics. He loved Beethoven, Bach, and Handel, especially. And he loved to make music… to sing, and to play: He taught himself to play the piano, the banjo, the violin, the guitar.

  Love of laughter. Daddy always loved a good joke. He loved to tease and be teased. He taught us not to take ourselves too seriously and to enjoy the humor that so often comes our way if we just look for it.

  Love of nature. Nothing pleased Daddy more than being outdoors. In the snow. At the ocean. On our screened porch in the summer. He marveled at the night sky and the majesty of the mountains. He respected the power of the hurricane. And I think he spoke to Elaine and me the night before last in the most beautiful, golden sunset that I’ve ever seen.

  Love of animals. From Blackie, the family dog, to the mule that kicked out his front teeth when he was a boy to the wild animals in the woods, Daddy loved animals. And they loved him.

  Love of ice cream. Vanilla. He loved to make ice cream using our old hand-crank ice cream freezer. But most of all, he loved to eat it.

  Love of neighbor. All people were my father’s neighbors. All races, all religions, all nationalities. And he taught us to love them all.

  Love of God. Daddy loved God and the church with all his heart for all his life. He loved to share God’s love with his congregations. His faith showed through in everything he said and in everything he did.

  And now Daddy is with God.

  God is Love.

— Joel Pollard, son



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