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Friday Evening Session

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The ordination processional.

Friday evening featured A Service for the Ordering of Ministry. Maristela Da Silva was soloist for Pelas dores deste muno (For the troubles and the sufferings). Conference Lay Leader Shirley Cauffman and Jeff Mickle, chair of the Board of Ordained Ministry, presented the persons who are to be licensed, commissioned or ordained. Bishop Whitaker asked the audience to declare their assent.

Drew VanDyke Colby, a student at Wesley Theological Seminary, sang the anthem "You Are Mine." Bishop James F. Mauney gave the prayer for illumination and read the Scripture from Acts 7:54-60 and Matthew 10: 16-25. Bishop Mauney is the ecumenical representative from the Virginia Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Dr. Sam Wells was the conference preacher for the evening. His sermon title was "Flogged and Dragged." (Click here to listen to the sermon, mp3 file). Something in each one of you has decided that you are going to do this Christianity thing and you are going to do it properly, he said. "Have you seen the glory of God? Do you want to? Let's go looking for the glory."

Wells read Stephen's story to see if we can find out what it means to be in ministry. Stephen has the temptation to keep the ministry but lose Jesus. But Stephen wants to see the glory. Stephen gives us five windows to see the glory. Stephen feeds the hungry. Nothing fancy. No fancy words. He just feeds the hungry. "Have you fed the hungry lately?," Wells asked.

The second window is beautiful and surprising things started happening. "You should have a peace, a power, a presence," Wells said. "Do people see this in you? People will notice a difference in and around you. Do you want to see the glory?" The third window -- Stephen faces opposition. "What is it like when people hate you and rejoice in your downfall?" Wells asked. Even when Stephen had it bad, he had the face like an angel. :"Do you want to see the glory?"

The fourth window -- Stephen tells the story of God and Israel and Jesus. "It's not you who speaks, but the spirit of your Father speaking through you. To be in ministry means being a living witness. Is that what your life is like? Is it a story that makes no sense without Jesus." Remember Jesus' word, "You will do greater things than these," and Stephen's words, "Do you want to see the glory?"

Stephen did see the glory, Wells said. "He gazed into heaven and saw the glory of heaven and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. Stephen died like Jesus. That's when he saw the glory." Here's a question for you, Wells said, ending his sermon. "Do you still want to do greater things than these? Do you still want to see the glory?"

Bishop Whitaker leads the ordination service.

Bishop Whitaker then examined the candidates.

Licensed as local pastors: Lorrie Aikens, Robin BeMiller, Francis Paul Bertrand, Haden Dandridge Conrad, Wesley S. Corber, Joshua R. Davis, Carolyn J. Graves, Christy Gresham, Terry L. Hendricks, Keon Huh, Yun Chol Kim, Timothy Kirven, Chenda I. Lee, Larry A. Lehman, Anita E. Mays, Christa JoAnn Mercer, Lisa S. Meyers, Gary M. Monroe, Martha Anne Rose, Robert E. Rough, Jan V. Sickel, Keith Lee Vernon, Deborah D. Washer, Kameron W. Wilds, Linda S. Young

Received as an associate member: Michael Thomas Davis

Commissioned as provisional members: Steven David Barbery, Richard Lee Barton, Matthew Joseph Benton, Andy Lindsey Brock, Larry John Cochran, Jennifer Dickison Coffey, Mary K. Dadisman, Michael Andrew Dettmer, Shayne Victor Estes, David Andrew Forrest, Morgan Arthur Guyton, Marcia Klein Huntsman, Thomas Glenn James, Brian William Johnson, Sarah Dumas Locke, Jonathan Joseph Page, Gayle Diane Porias, James Adam Sowder, Dorothee E. Tripodi, William P. Walker.

Ordained as a deacon: Judith T. Hall

Ordained as an elder: Ji Hoon Choi, Alan Thomas Combs, Jennifer Lynn Day, Calvin Joel Griffin, Donald Andrew Jamison, Seungsoo Jun, Sara Porter Keeling, David Allen LeFon, Joel Marcus LeMon, Richard Lee Meiser Jr., Rebecca L. Minor, Carl L. Perez, Brenda Lee Pusso, Brandon Paul Robbins, Talmadge Joel Robinette, Robert G. Robinson, Brian D. Siegle, Thomas G. Tipton, Robert J. Weeks



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