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Sunday Morning Session

The morning began with "Singing Our Faith," followed with morning prayer by Conference Lay Leader Shirley Cauffman. The Rev. Susan Cutshaw gave the report of the Minutes Committee that has been meeting early each morning.

A motion was made from the floor that the results of the next lay and clergy ballots will elect delegates to Jurisdictional Conference and the alternates. Motion was approved.

A motion was made to table the remaining motions. The motion was defeated, so Resolutions 14, 15 and 18 died without action.

Ms. Betty Forbes, chair, took the podium to present the Board of Pensions report. The pensions report was approved.

David Dommisse brought the report of the Statistican/Treasurer. Professions of faith are down. It was a statistically high number in relatively few churches. Some good news. Budget receipts showed an increase of 1.2 percent. Generosity continues in church payments. Our new faith communities grew by 247.

Jeff Davis, chair of the Council on Finance and Administration, presented his report. Kathleen Overby Webster presented a motion to have CFA look at the salaries of district superintendents in regards to the difference in the salaries of females and ethnic minorities on the Cabinet. CFA agreed to look at the salaries this year. Greg West made a motion from the floor to allow donations to be taken from the floor for the Chaplain Service of the Churches of Virginia. It was approved. A steady stream of people made their way to the front of the civic center to put their donations on a table.

The CFA report was approved.

Bishop Whitaker recognized the youth delegation attending this year's conference.

Tom Joyce gave a report on Roanoke District Superintendent Steve Hundley who was  hospitalized earlier this week. He will be leaving the hospital today.

The Rev. Tammy Estep

Eastern Shore District Superintendent Tammy Estep led the morning worship service, filling in for Bishop Kammerer. As the Rev. Michelle Lindsey molded and shaped a clay jar on a pottery wheel, Estep talked about how God wants to mold and shape and reshape and reshape each one of us.

"God is at work in us to do extraordinary works of mission in Jesus' name," said Estep. "God's word is being made flesh in us - earthen vessels in the world. And that is not for our glory, but for the glory of God. God is always about creating new things -- joys out of grief, love out of hate, justice out of injustice, and new life out of death. My beloved friends and clay pots, our world is changing all around us -- chaos, disorder, evil are running rampant, but our creative God is still building a new and creative world every day. God is doing good things in and through us. God the potter has us on the wheel again, not just as individuals but as the body of Christ, saying yield to me, I am the potter, you are the clay."

Tom Joyce invited Bishop Whitaker to the microphone and, on behalf of Bishop Charlene Kammerer, he presented to Whitaker a small token of appreciation for leading the conference -- a clay pitcher and bowl. Bishop Whitaker said it's been an honor to be here, and a joy to renew relationships with members of the Virginia Conference.

Michelle Lindsey at the Potters Wheel

The appointment issue of the Virginia Advocate was distributed to members of the conference.


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