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Steve Schaefer, Seminars/Workshops

These seminars/workshops are offered to help congregations instill renewed interaction "in the body."
Building Self-Esteem Through Christ: This seminar was developed for use at the 1989 National Gathering of United Methodist Men and is applicable to any adult group. It was designed to help the individual understand and appreciate the value of self, through the teachings of our Savior and through the scripture of the Old Testament which gave Jesus a basic tool to relate to the people of his age, and for us to use to relate to each other.
Constructing Pillars of Prosperity: This seminar leads us in providing the structure of "increase" - creating the "pillars of prosperity" within. God gave the increase (1 Cor. 3:6) which means the multiplication of your goods along all lines - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, financially and physically. The “how” will be discussed in as much detail as time allows.
Your Future is Based on One Word: Everyone has heard that words have power. Some seem to be born with "the gift of gab" while others frequently find themselves "at a loss for words." This seminar begins with the premise that your future is built upon one word and cascades from there. This seminar is a very good starting point for individuals, small group discussions and large group meetings.
Fit For Faith: This originated from my interest in health, fitness and nutrition. It is an exploration of how health, fitness and nutrition impact our lives and our faith. We will discus health and healing, nutrition of the body and spirit, and wellness on a personal, communal and national level.
All of these seminars can be made as long or as short as your time allows. If you have a desire to have more than one seminar, I can certainly make myself available. I have an added "bonus!" If you decide to sponsor a seminar, I will provide a "mini-workshop." It can be used to expand the horizons of any age group, and will demonstrate that true healing can be quite literally in their own hands.
If you are interested, you may contact me at 757-274-3384 or at
Yours in Christ, Steve Schaefer


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